Oklahoma abortion bill would revoke doctors’ licenses

Honestly, Oklahoma is not on our radar screen to open our medical practice. But I suspect that Oklahoma will loose a lot of doctors –  not to mention the legal aspects.

According to the Star Trubune, Oklahoma is just a signature away from revoking the licenses of most doctors who perform abortions.

Under a bill passed by the legislature last week, doctors who perform abortions — defined in the measure as “unprofessional conduct” — would be barred from obtaining or renewing their medical licenses. The bill would not apply to abortions performed to save a mother’s life, although the bill lacks similar exceptions abortions in cases of rape or incest.

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Sen. Tom Casperson of Michigan- Ignorant or Prejudice ?

Why do people discriminate against the transgender community. As a future physician I do not understand this. I think that there are only two possibilities, either they lack education on the subject or they simply hate other people.

Republican Sen. Tom Casperson disclosed that he is firmly committed to introducing legislation to ban children from sharing restrooms who are “biologically different.” I have news for you Sen. Casperson, all people are biologically different – Unless they have the same DNA, such as identical twins. People with androgen insensitivity are born with female external genetaia  but have a Y chromosome. Which restroom should they use? How about people with CAH, or ambiguous genetaia?

According to the Associated Press, Casperson was appalled when he discovered proposed State Board of Education guidelines that suggested schools could — if they so choose — allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice and refer to students by the pronouns they request.

“Maybe, there’s something there that’s just not normal,” Casperson said. “And normal’s not the right word. Maybe there’s something there that’s just not right, where we’re mixing these kids together.”

Without a doubt there is something not normal about people not accepting other people, and segregating people. So here are the facts Sen. Casperson.

No one chooses to be transgender, it is a difficult road. There are hormones, ridicule, discrimination, and potential surgery.  Transgender people aren’t inherently flawed, their body and brain do not disagree with each other.

There are 700,000 transgender people in this country. Research from the 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey reveals that 41% of transgender people attempted, at some point, to take their own lives. Sexual assault was the biggest cause, followed by physical assault, harassment in school, and job loss due to bias. 19% experience violence or abuse from a family member. 26% loss a job due to their identity, and 50% were harassed at work. They are no more likely to be sexual predators than anybody else, nor are they predisposed to deviant behavior.

“if my school district suggested they would allow a young boy to go into a locker room where my young daughter is, there’s no way I would be comfortable with that as a parent.”, Casperson said.

Sen. Casperson, do you really think that this is about boys trying to get in to the girls room?

No one is asking for a young boy to go into a girl’s locker room. A young girl, transgender or not, should be treated like any other girl. And a young boy, transgender or not, should be treated like any other boy.

I really want to believe that Sen Casperson is not discriminating against transgender people out of hatred. If that is true, it must be out of ignorance. My advice to Sen. Casperson is to meet with transgender kids, with physicians and with other professionals. 

Sen. Casperson, you should be focused on educating your own constituents and passing laws that protect transgender people from violence and descrimination. Educate yourself before attempting to change the law of the great state of Michigan. 

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Computer Generated Rembrandt – The Next Rembrandt

Blurring the boundaries between art and technology, they set out on a challenge to see if the great Master can be brought back to life to create a new painting they call The Next Rembrandt   https://www.nextrembrandt.com.

It’s been almost four centuries since the world lost the talent of one its most influential classical painters, Rembrandt van Rijn. To bring him back, they distilled the artistic DNA from his work and used it to create The Next Rembrandt.


They examined the entire collection of Rembrandt’s work, studying the contents of his paintings pixel by pixel. To get this data, they analyzed a broad range of materials like high resolution 3D scans and digital files, which they upscaled by deep learning algorithms to maximize resolution and quality. This extensive database was then used as the foundation for creating The Next Rembrandt.

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WHO Report – Diabetes rises fourfold over last quarter century

Key findings from WHO’s “Global report on diabetes” – April 6, 2016

Among the key findings from the “Global report on diabetes” are:

  • The number of people living with diabetes and its prevalence are growing in all regions of the world. In 2014, 422 million adults (or 8.5% of the population) had diabetes, compared with 108 million (4.7%) in 1980.
  • The epidemic of diabetes has major health and socioeconomic impacts, especially in developing countries.
  • In 2014, more than 1 in 3 adults aged over 18 years were overweight and more than one in 10 were obese.
  • The complications of diabetes can lead to heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and lower limb amputation. For example, rates of lower limb amputation are 10 to 20 times higher for people with diabetes.
  • Diabetes caused 1.5 million deaths in 2012. Higher-than-optimal blood glucose caused an additional 2.2 million deaths by increasing the risks of cardiovascular and other diseases.
  • Many of these deaths (43%) occur prematurely, before the age of 70 years, and are largely preventable through adoption of policies to create supportive environments for healthy lifestyles and better detection and treatment of the disease.
  • Good management includes use of a small set of generic medicines; interventions to promote healthy lifestyles; patient education to facilitate self-care; and regular screening for early detection and treatment of complications.


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Revealed: How the rich and powerful hide their wealth – BBC News

Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca leak reveals elite’s tax havens. A leak of eleven million confidential documents from a Panamanian law firm has revealed the extent to which the world’s rich and powerful use tax havens to hide their wealth. The documents, to which the BBC has had access, show how a law firm helped clients launder money, dodge sanctions, and evade tax. Among the papers are suspicious deals involving a close friend of Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The firm, called Mossack Fonseca, says it has operated beyond reproach for 40 years and have never been accused or charged with criminal wrong-doing. Richard Bilton from the BBC reports.

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